Birthday: please display person's Age

In Verla, some new features were brought to Calendar. A coloured dot shows dates with birthdays, and a press on the event shows a separate screen.

Unfortunately, it is a screen WITHOUT USEFUL INFORMATION! :wink:

So please add the only missing information: someone’s age or birth year. Or let me jump to People app, to the right person, so I can check it myself.

For my taste, the event should be shown like:

All day
[Person], [Age]

Cheers, Rob


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I’m proposing an initial implementation to allow this :

I’ve started some discussions there on the concerns that may be raised :

  • what about contact where the month/day is valid but the year has been entered at random ?
  • is it a privacy issue to see the age of people besides their name in the event view for instance ? Or is it even rude ?

Having a link to the people application on the event page description is also a possibility, but not yet covered by the above PR.


Then random data is displayed. What comes in goes out (there are normally other words used :wink: ).
I do not have a problem with it as I always enter years I do not know with 1900, so it is obvious.

Oh, cmon. Are we really already so far?
It is my calendar, it is my friends/relatives/known dates and it is my device. Why not show?
(the setting for this we already have in system settings).
Rude? :confused: now this I do not get at all (being over half a century :smiley: )

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I was raising possible concerns, not that they are bothering me, actually.

Rude? now this I do not get at all (being over half a century )

I don’t know, it’s not rude for me neither. I don’t have any problem with my age or being able to see the one of my contacts, but I don’t know in another culture maybe ?

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Great initiative, Damien. Very promising.

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I actually don’t think the age needs to be displayed in the events view, as long as it’s displayed in Calendar (when tapping on the birthday ‘event’ in the events view) that’s more than enough. Otherwise the events view could end up too cluttered. It’s useful information to know, but it’s not useful enough that it should be in plain sight for 24 hours.

I do agree with @peterleinchen that if the user enters a wrong year for the birthday, intentionally or not, that’s their problem.

Now, speaking of birthdays, I’m going offtopic here, but it would also be nice to be able to get a notification for specific contacts’ birthdays, for example your favourited contacts.


Thinking about this, I am not against it. It would normally be enough to check it there. But often you just do not do and mess up an important (e.g. round) birthday event.
I would be fine with either approach.

Definitely in the calendar view (the general one for sure, not only in the detailed).
And preferred also in events view.

Other Services show similar data. Nextcloud for example shows the year of birth instead of age, while iOS calendar also adds the age if I remember correct.
I see no trouble with that, at least from my german point of view.

For me age in Birthday calendar and event view is not a problem.