Birthay-Calendar not shown on the "Create new event" - Page

REPRODUCIBILITY (% or how often): 100%
BUILD ID = OS VERSION (Settings > About product): Sailfish OS
HARDWARE (XA2, X10, X10 II, …): XA2
REGRESSION: (compared to previous public release: Yes, No, ?): ?


Birthday Calendar not shown If I will create a new event



  1. Open the top menu of the Calendar-App to create a new event
  2. Tap on “Calendar” to open the side with your stored calendars


Show Private Calendar
Show Birthday Calendar


Only the Private Calendar is shown


If I open the Calendar Manager in the Calendar-App all two Calendars will be shown and are selected.
With earlier versions of Sailfish OS this problem already existed.
Also a factory reset or re flash brought strangely nothing.

Calendar Manager:

Select Calendar (on the “Create new event” Page):

This is by design. The Birthday calendar is not editable, so one can not create a new event in this calendar and there is no point in showing it in the calendar list selection when creating a new event. It comes from this TJC request :

To add a new birthday entry, go to the contact application and add a birth day entry for the contact you would like to.

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Thank you for your answer. On this way it make sense.But for people who did´t knew that (like me) is i confuse. A notice in the Calendar-Manager could help.

Yes, that may be useful.
But it is also the way it works since 2013 . So please do not hold your breath… :wink:

One more thing:
I think the answer from dcaliste is the post that brings the solution, not your own answer on that one!

A notice in the Calendar-Manager could help.

What do you think would be informative ?

  • a notice (like “calendar not amendable”) in the “manage calendar” page ?
  • greying out read-only but enabled calendars in the calendar selection for new events ?

The first option has the drawback not to be discoverable when you actually add a new event and would like to select a calendar. You may have seen it before and don’t remember, or didn’t make the link with addition restriction…

The second option has the drawback to clutter the calendar selection, which defeats the initial purpose of hiding the disabled calendars (actually, I think the read-only calendars have never been visible in this selection).

I can propose a modification to Jolla here, I’ve access to the sources through NDA, but at the moment, I’ve no clear idea how to tackle this problem…

Oh yes you are right. I accidental marked the false post. :wink: Now it is correct.

Maybe on this way:

  1. Add a drop-Down arrow on this Calendar on the Calendar-manager.

  2. Tap on the Arrow to see the info-Text.

In english for example: To use this Calendar, please open the Calendar-App and add a Date to a Contact.

Or make the info text for this calendar permanently visible so that no arrows are needed.

That would be nice.

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