Big lag when opening settings

Everytime i open the settings app on my xperia xa2 there is one big lag spike that prevent me from using the app for almost a second. Just for reference, if the frames line is enabled on developer page, the line when opening settings draws two or three long red spots and fps drops to like 29 for then returning to 59/60 again in a second

i don’t think that should happen on an octacore processor?

Weirdly enough, i made a comparison with my jolla 1 which is stuck at verla 3.4 and it’s much much smoother

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Yes, it is strange that it takes so long. Do you know that there is a patch to speed it up?

I guess it’s just a bug with no patch as this is not a feature or an animation that takes too long, it should be just some hiccup somewhere…

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Check with

  1. journalctl -f
  2. reproduce the problem
  3. profit

Also there’s a patchmanager patch that will load the UI immediately (does not wait for all submenus to get loaded). This might reveal the culprit.

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There is already a bug report aboit it and a patch to reduce the lag.

Thank you, that should be the output of journalctl

Maybe will help

On a sidenote, i wonder what those kernel : binder are, cause it’s full of them

It’s linked to Android support (container configuration)

Patch. Reduse settings app lag

Ok, thank you everybody

Still, i do think this should be solved by jolla, not by a patch

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Yeah that’s no good though it looks nothing like what I’m seeing when I open the Settings.

Please repeat: journalctl -f | grep --line-buffered -vwE 'kernel|mce' > file.txt, reproduce the problematic behavior, then show us the contents of file.txt.

On my Xperia 10 II, it takes about seven whole seconds before it’s finally responsive.

Here’s the tracked bug report about it from two years ago. Let’s hope it can get fixed within the next two years!