Better typing experience?

I come from a BB Q10 and obviously typing accuracy is not going to be the same, but I struggle quite a lot with the Jolla keyboard. I frequently hit the period button when I want to click the spacebar, and the fact that I’ve got to manually choose words in the spell checker also slows me down quite a lot. I had Android for a bit on this phone before flashing SFOS (and haven’t flashed back to Android since May 2020, so proud, haha) and the typing experience felt way smoother. I used OKBoard for a bit but it made the keyboard strange to use and prone to mistakes if I wasn’t swipe-typing and wanted to type normally.

Any ideas? Thanks!


The best you can get now, if okboard is not satisfying, is my keyboard layouts, in particular the “Improved” ones: Multi Keyboard Layouts | — Community Repository System


I’ll give that a go, thank you!

Is there any way that words can be automatically chosen from the spell checker?

Not yet, but what do you mean with “automatically”? You mean by pressing space? I remember the BB Passport had the swipe from bottom to the top to choose the word that was presented above the keyboard. This is a feature that would be very nice.

Please elaborate a little more, so this could lead to a feature request.

I have never had a better device than the BB Q10. Never since have I been able to work so fast and flawlessly… The user experience with iOS, Android and unfortunately SFOS is not as smooth…

Yes, I mean by pressing space (like iOS and Android) or a swipe up, like in the amazing BB Passport. As I’m not a developer, I’m not really sure how tricky this would be to implement from a patching point of view, rather than as an official feature (although I’m sure it’d be way better as something official than a patch). How would one submit a feature request? Would this thread work?

The BB Q10 is indeed an amazing device, only hindered by its early abandonment. No other BB devices after it have had its easy reparability (swappable batteries! amazing), build quality and brilliant, smooth OS (at least when using native apps). Matrix support is the only thing keeping me from going back to it, not going to lie (it’s got the best Exchange support I’ve ever seen). If you know a workaround for that, I’d definitely appreciate it (a bit offtopic, but still worth asking, haha).

What about the patch called ‘Blackberry like keyboard adjustments’?

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Does it work on SFOS 4.3? If so, is there a guide on how to install it?

Yeah, it does. I’m using it as we speak.
Install the latest patchmanager (from the developer patchmanager) from openrepos. After you’ve installed it, go to your phone’s settings and search for patchmanager. Enter its settings from the pulley menu and enable Allow incompatible patches option. Go back, and search for the patch through Web catalog (pulley menu again). Install it, enable it, and restart preloaded services. That’s all.