Beta VoLTE on the Xperia 10 III, disabled by default

Oh, no VoWIFI yet? I would have expected it would just work once VoLTE is implemented since it is just the same service and I don’t know a single android device supporting VoLTE but not VoWIFI.
For me, VoWIFI would be far more important than VoLTE currently, since I’m living in Germany and there is a very solid 2G coverage here which will remain in service to at least 2030 (I guess).
However, no good network coverage indoor (neither 2G, 4G, nor 5G) in certain rural areas, making VoWIFI far more important than VoLTE for most if not all mobile subscribers in Germany.


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I also would like to know more about what is required from the operator when enabling volte mode. I have ran the commands “successfully” and the status reports “auto” but the other settings report disabled. The volte status checker app confirms this as well.

I am in a spot where 4g coverage will be spotty. I suspect that volte mode needs some kind of ack from the telecom in order for the commands to work, but wasn’t sure.

Can post the specific settings later, but would like to know if we can expect the commands in the original post to work if 4g coverage is spotty or missing.

Edit: also it wasn’t mentioned in the original post but i had to use devel-su to get the commands work in dev mode, otherwise the command output permissions errors with defaultuser.

Hi @flypig, tnx for your investigation and documentation/instructions. When I try to enable VoLTE, this is the result: dbus-send --system --print-reply --type=method_call
–dest=org.ofono /ril_0 org.ofono.IpMultimediaSystem.SetProperty string:Registr
ation variant:string:auto

Error org.ofono.Error.AccessDenied: Operation not permitted

Location: NL, provider: Lebara (prepaid), network: KPN (4G)
Can you please help me out? Thanks in advance.

4G does not use spread spectrum. Rather, it uses OFDM.

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@crun must have something else going wrong.
Everything uses the same shared physical channel; and voice has higher priority on the logical separations imposed on top of that.

And even on 3G with WCDMA i can’t imagine voice becoming unusable, let alone refuse to even try, before data has the same fate on the cell edge.

And a 3G fallback is precisely what you don’t need with VoLTE.

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Is there any good reason for VoLTE being implemented but VoWiFi not or is it planned to implement VoWiFi at a later date?

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I can’t remember if it’s required or not, but did you run the dbus command as root?

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4G does not feature CSD connections or a dedicated voice channel. That explains why you can’t make voice calls in a 4G-only cell with a non-VoLTE device and no 2G/3G fallback.

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Thank you, I am happy to join!

Great feedback, indeed I needed to execute devel-su first. Then I got no error message anymore. VoLTE does work! Country: NL, provider Ben, network T-Mobile. (I used another SIM-card). Thank you so much for your help, cheers!

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Yep i had the same problem. The instructions need to mention that after u enable developer mode, u also need to go into root at the shell:


Should work after that.

I can confirm once u get into 4g territory, the settings will all show true. When u lose 4g and drop back to 2 they automatically show disabled. I guess that’s why they call it “auto” mode :slight_smile:

But when i was on 4g it all worked fine, and i had mobile data. US t-mobile.

Thanks Jolla! I was severely disappointed i had to stop using my Sailfish Xperia X in March because of the lack of network support from at&t. So glad i’m back on it now with the Xperia 10 iii and tmobile, with modern android compatibility.


Can anyone answer these questions for me, please?

As far as I know Sony are not selling the Xperia 10iii in my country, New Zealand. I know of one person who imported a Xperia 10iii to be used with the stock Sony Android ROM. As far as I know this phone came from an Asia/Pacific source, probably Hong Kong. This person was unable to get VOLTE to function, no matter which provider was tried.

Do the Xperia 10iii’s sold in Europe different from the ones sold in the Asia/Pacific region? In other words is VoLTE disabled in the APAC models?

Does the Xperia 10iii have to be capable of working with the Android ROM before it will work with Sailfish?

I don’t know for sure but it could well be that imported devices lack country specific provider support while actually supporting VoLTE, so a country/ region specific firmware could solve the issue.
It could also well be that providers exclude certain devices through the IMEI. It might help to change it to an IMEI knowing to work.

Sailfish OS relies on VoLTE support and modem configs provided by Android, meaning that if VoLTE isn’t working under Android, most likely it won’t work under Sailfish OS either.

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See this thread - changing fw load didn’t fix it.
I have only tried 2 degrees myself, so far.

Yes, I’ve been following that thread. I was just trying to gather more info to confirm the situation.

It’s looking like there might be some configuration issues with respect to the carrier as well.

I really want to get a device with a reliable GPS plus there’s locations I go to where the only voice service is VoLTE. Having VoLTE capable device is starting to become a requirement for me. I was really hoping the 10iii was going to do the job.

More investigation required I think.

VoLTE on Xperia 10 III does not work for me, despite the fact that my operator 4ka (SWAN), SK has enabled my VoLTE for my SIM. I asked the operator for an opinion and he replied as follows: “As part of its firmware updates, the manufacturer (Sony) may also make this setting available to the 4ka operator. In this case, please try contacting Sony’s manufacturer.” I wrote to Sony Slovakia and I am waiting for an answer. It follows that the device manufacturer must include in the firmware all operators that will be able to use VoLTE on device.

Why all these convoluted processes before VoLTE will work? It doesn’t make sense.

Prior to VoLTE it was possible to travel to pretty well anywhere in the world with your mobile phone and you could find a network which you could use for voice and data without any special enablement from either the phone manufacturer or the service provider. All you needed was a compatible SIM card.

If what appears to be the case is correct the ability to use your phone in a foreign country has taken a big step backwards. Surely this cannot be the case?


This little gem of information from one our our local service providers.

Over the past two years, mobile network operators (MNOs) have been working with manufacturers to enable VoLTE on as many mobile devices as possible, including existing models. For each MNO, this process involves working with manufacturers of each type of device to test VoLTE on their network before it can be enabled for the customer.

It probably explains why some of us may have issues. I wonder what makes some networks so special that they need to “approve” what models are connected to their network. Let’s face it, they can only buy their network from a small handful of suppliers who in turn supply to operators the world over. I somehow doubt the network equipment suppliers are custom building their equipment, so why are the network operators so precious?