Beta VoLTE on the Xperia 10 III, disabled by default

Meanwhile, while I expected VoLTE to have been fully operational in Italy for a long time, I just discovered that, out of the four Italian mobile operators:

  • Iliad does not support VoLTE altogether.
  • Vodafone does not have any Sony phone in supported models.
  • WindTre only supports the Sony Xperia 5 II (why just that, I don’t know).
  • I cannot find a list of supported devices for Tim, but its low cost brand Kena Mobile does not have any Sony terminal in the supported ones.

Therefore, it is currently impossible to use VoLTE in Italy on a Sailfish device.

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@jameson, I am talking about middleware between Sailfish and underlying Android stack. Fact that Android stack is using BLOBs and works with the SoC. However, something on SFOS side has to communicate with it. And that communication bits are written by Jolla and closed-source. Which is rather obscure choice for “open” OS :slight_smile:

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Sorry, I understood you were talking about vendor-specific packages.

That middleware, according to Jolla’s description, is also vendor-specific :frowning:

I mean, provided by the vendor rather than developed by Jolla.

Thanks for looking into the Italian providers in so much detail @jameson.

It would be super-helpful if you could please create a separate report in the bug reports category about this, if you didn’t already. It can then act as a place to share ideas, in case there are other users in Italy who have suggestions for getting it working.

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Done, the report can be found here.

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Several reports of losing data service (perhaps after Wifi enabled) despite continued 4G VoLTE connectivity. If others experience this problem please contribute info in the bug report here or share solutions/workarounds in discussion here.

Well. It is.
Jolla, why can’t you make both sims work in 4g?

Have you considered it might be a hardware limitation?

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I would have, if it was 2019.

You are addressing the wrong entity. Sony made the hardware.
P.S.: *if it were.

I’ve just confirmed that Sony hw, as I expected, is ok.
Android on 10III has both sims in 4g.
What now?


Android on 10III has both sims in 5g as well.

The specifications say that only one SIM card can access 5G at a time - no mention of 4G…

@flypig Is there any indication of when VoWiFi might be implemented?

With deteriorating voice coverage, this is now pretty important. My phone spends more than half it’s time using wifi.

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What do you mean “voice coverage”? With VoLTE that now means any coverage is good for voice. (Well, not 5g yet - but non-overlapping 5g probably doesn’t exist yet)

Or do you in fact mean you have no coverage at all? (then just say so)

VoWiFi is a very important feature especially when travelling abroad or spending a lot of time in area with bad reception. Jolla should definitely look into implementing it.


Hypothetically, if I have 4G, then I would have VoLTE. This does not actually seem to reliably be the case. Frequently the phone will have good signal, be quite happy doing data operations (web sites, skype etc) and SMS, but voice calls simply don’t proceed i.e. no ringtone, no error messages. In the last 6 months this has become the norm when I am on a hill top out of town, where I used to make calls.
It is also now common at my home in the city too.
A “feature” of spread spectrum technology, is that as you have more users, those at the edges get worse signal/noise, and lose function (while the signal itself remains just as strong i.e. the control channel still shows 3 bars)
I recently came across a vaguely worded note in a document that 4G sites put in as part of rural infrastructure, have no 3G fallback, and perhaps no voice support at all.
I suspect that all this is to do with the network being used heavily, and being built out to support fixed home 4G broadband.

Is the registration status expected to be immediate or there is a delay (or wait for carrier)?
Like, I type this command and in a couple of seconds VoLTE is on?

I asked my carrier to activate VoLTE for my line, and even a couple of days later, the status of VoLTE is always false.