Best practice: android applications and file access

Hey there,

I recently switched back to Sailfish after a year of absence, and I guess I’m not up to date any more.
Here on my X10ii with 4.1, no nemo user anymore, but defaultuser (? why), and the filestructure is as follows:
/home/defaultuser/Pictures, /home/defaultuser/Downloads, /home/defaultuser/Documents, …
while there is also:
/home/defaultuser/android_storage/DCIM, /home/defaultuser/android_storage/Downloads, …

While accessing Pictures from Android Applications (im my case Element) is working ok-ish (no previews are available in the andoird file selector), I wonder what is the best practice to access for example /home/defaultuser/Downloads … is it safe to just user symlinks into android_storage?

thanks, g

I have a “sailfishos_storage” directory in Android… (XZ2 Compact, 4.0)