Bépo layout in openrepos or inclusion?

In France, we now have two different « official » keyboard layouts: improved azerty (an enhanced version of the traditional azerty keyboard used in France) and bépo (an ergonomic design, kinda dvorak-like - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BÉPO , french page has more details).

Currently only an azerty like layout is available for French language. There used to be a bépo like layout in openrepos ( https://openrepos.net/content/penguin/french-bepo-keyboard ) but it’s long broken.

I’ve worked on bringing back a bépo layout for sfos, and now uses it on a daily basis. Hovewer, installing it involves modifying /usr/share/maliit/plugins/com/jolla/layouts/layouts_western.conf file, as well as deploying a new file fr_bepo.qml in that folder. See https://github.com/Julien-Blanc-tgcm/sfos-bepo . This unfortunately seems pretty fragile.

I’m not sure how to package this in openrepos to minimize the risk of breakage during update (obviously the layouts_western.conf file may be replaced by an update). Ideally, i would request for it to be integrated in the system as part of the default layouts (the comments on the old bépo openrepos page seems to indicate there is demand, although i’m not sure to which extent until i release it on openrepos).

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For non-systemic package you can create a separate layouts file, e.g. layouts_bepo.conf.


Works fine. Should have tried that by myself, btw. Thanks !