Battery state analyser

Is there an app that works like Coconut Battery on a Mac which shows the factory and current maximum possible charge of the battery?

I have an Xperia X (but a 10 iii) is in my immediate future as soon as SFOS goes live)


Charge monitor shows capacity left value. That goes down over time at least that was a case with my Jolla 1. On my XA2 it still shows 100%. I don’t know if this is exactly what you are looking for as I haven’t used Mac or that app.

@DrDweeb There is the app “Battery Log” but doesn’t seems to work very well with xperia 10ii. Source code is available if you want to dive in.

Not very relative with your question, but since it seems you care about the battery of your devices, check Battery Buddy from direc85: . You set limits on the charging level, and in theory if they don’t exceed 25~75 % of the capacity, your battery will continue working much longer than when it is fully charged.

I have the “usage” app installed on a XA2. Gives some info but not the state of the battery. Battery Buddy is great as it keeps your charging levels within set range and won’t charge beyond set level.

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