Banking-Android App doesn't work, because device is rooted

Hi, transferring apps from my actual Android 11 smartphone, I encountered another problem:

I installed via Aurora-Store the App “S-pushTAN” as a 2FA to login on computer.
Installation worked, but when I open the app, I get the error message:

“Security Advice:
your device is “rooted” …not safe enough for using.”

Is there an easy way to fix that? My Alternatives are:

  1. Use an existing Android-Tablet in future to authenticate.
  2. Talk to the bank for another option.


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Please search before posting.

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To be slightly more helpful, it seems that some banking apps now work on Jolla’s newly signed Android image and some don’t. On the previous unsigned image the vast majority did not work at all. For me, in the UK, on X10 III, the Lloyds business banking app works fine, but the Santander one does not. In general banks are tightening the security for their apps so they are becoming less tolerant of rooted phones, AOSP Android, etc. You may find you can still use mobile banking via the web browser with your bank. I can do this with Santander, although it always serves up the desktop site rather than the mobile site which is a bit of a pain.

The app you mention is issued by german Sparkasse, which usually allow the chip tan method. As no hackable device with internet access is involved, this is more secure anyway.
However, you have to pay for the device, something like 15 euro.

Thanks for your answers. Good to know that some apps are working with other banks.

I’ll call the bank, what the costs of a chip-card will be (luckily I possess a “ReinerSCT” cardreader).