Backup reading on PC

Hi all
I just made my first backup from my old Jolla.
So I have now a sailfish_backup.tar file. If i extract it, I can read some of it.
The notes is readable in the directory notes, and the filenotes.sql.
But if I look at the messages, I can find anything but a .dumb file. (under blobs).
Does this dump file contain any message to read?
I have no plan to import the backup to my new phone.
I just stated with a new sony xperia 10 II yesterday. Flashed it to Sailfish… Lovely!
The old Jolly must be framed and put on wall.

It is not important for me to read it. I just like to know if it possible, to read the sms.
And to those of you, who also read this, all photos and videos is easy to pull out of the backup tar file.

Thanks so much for a perfect phone system. I have enjoyed since the start.
Just the things I need.
Only missing a real Jolla phone. I guess Sony will do.

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