Backup extension to allow apps to link own configuration backup?

It would be nice to allow other apps to add a configuration to the ‘backup mechanism’ that add the app configuration to the backup.
I think the configuration from some apps e.g. whisperfish, … (from @rubdos :wink: ) should also be at the backup.
The mechanism could be to including of a directory at with apps could place there on files which contain there own required configuration.
The same mechanism is used by logrotate, cron and many more system mechanism.


Is it My Backup by slava you are looking for, or did I misunderstand something?


I use the backup mechanism on settings which allow me to do an automatic backup every night to my nextcloud. There is an other non jolla extention on openrepos which works with rsync but thisone didn’t work with defaultuser system :disappointed:.

My Backup does work with the defaultuser system, that is actually the whole thing. I’ve been using it for years, and never failed.

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