Backup did not restore notes and messages

I had to reinstall Sailfish on my phone. After re-flashing, I restored my backup, but received an error for notes and messages, they were not restored.
Any advice how I can restore these 2 backups manually? In the backup archive it looks likes it just sqlite dbs, I assume that should not be too difficult?

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This post may help you:

I had a look at the commands, but they don’t seem to match the files in the backup archive. When I untar the backup, the message backup file is called “commhistory-tool_groups.dump”, not *.exp as in the example.
The notes backup file is is “notes.sql”.

Any ideas?

I have just installed SFOS on my 10 iii as a testing exercise.

I used an SD card to transfer the XperiaX backup for a restore. While I got my contacts, notes and messages were indeed missing. This is a great PITA.

Any actually useful help here?

I would like to have seen my BT pairings & WiFi connections restored as well, but alas that wasn’t there either.

This should help: [3.4.0 onwards?] Restore backup fails when restoring notes (here: from Xperia X to Xperia 10 II )

Sounds pretty good. However, I already restored the backup and would only like to restore notes, rather than using the whole backup again.
Any idea how that could be done?

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