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Dear All,

Warm Greetings. I have been using Intex Aquafish for a long time. Unfortunately, it got broken and I could not get it repaired. Hence I moved to the Nokia 6.1 Plus and I mentioned it in the old forum. Almost 1.5 years back, I bought Pinephone Pro and I was trying different OSes especially Manjaro, Ubuntu touch, and PmOS. They work to some extent but many times, I was facing issues with Call. Recently, during my search I came across Sailfish OS, Don’t Be Evil and I have done a try. I could flash it to EMMC and I could log in and make calls.

Thank you very much. Now, I may be bugging you all to fix some of the problems and I am happy to contribute as much as possible.



Its probably only worth bugging me to fix issues with the port :smiley:

You can join other pine users on the telegram group Telegram: Join Group Chat


Welcome back and thanks for the report.

I am interested to hear more about how SFOS works on this device specifically - as a daily driver?

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@ohnonot t works in terms of battery and smooth interface. However, I am facing some issues with the network. It connects when we are switching on the phone. Somehow it did not identify the SIM card after sometime @piggz . I have to switch it off and on to make it work. I am planning to put a different post asking for help in this regard. I could not find a similar question in the forum. Also, I could not find Waydroid implementation here which may be required for many. Currently, the camera is not working for me. messaging and call work when SIM is identified.

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