Awkward question: who wants to sell his/her Sailfish tablet to me? My fingers and eyes need a bigger screen

Awkard question: is there someone who does not use his/her Sailfish tablet and wants to sell it to me? It would be much more comfortable to me having a bigger screen.


I moved the topic to #general, since it’s not really about design and it doesn’t ssem to fit in other categories.

To what part of the world does it need to be sent EU or Worldwide?

I am a senior lady and I live in Amsterdam .
When the Jolla tablet was announced I opted, like so many. I subscribed at half past five, but did not get it. Donated half of it to Jolla. If you have a working tablet, I would be very pleased to buy it.

Thanks you. At first I choose ‘general’, but then something changed.

I have one and do not use it, happy to find someone who will make a better/real usage.


Thank you Jordi. That would be wonderful!
How to realise? Can I give my mail address here?

I am pleased you reacted. Wellcome here.