Avoid obscuring the top bar with a message when plugging in charger

It would be useful to show the current battery capacity when the charger is being plugged. Currently we have a “Charging” black bar that appears and obscures the number under it. I propose we have the top bar fade to black with “Charging” appearing straight in the middle and all the other indicators remaining in their places, possibly changing their color to white if they aren’t already.


I don’t get it. So if the phone is off and plugged to a power source, it will show the charging in grey on a black background. If the phone is unlocked, you will see tge charging level in the quickbar at the top, also with lockscreen you will see this. So what do you mean? :slight_smile:

There is a black bar at the top that appears momentarily right when you plug in the cable. It disappears after a few seconds but not before the screen turns off.
The point is, when I plug the charger in, I don’t know the percentage yet - the screen is off. And when the screen turns on after the cable is plugged, the percentage is obscured by the “charging” message which doesn’t disappear before the screen turns off.
So if one wants to know the percentage they either have to turn the phone on before plugging the cable in, or after the “charging” message had gone away.

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What OP wrote, plus also when unplugging the charger.

You can tap the bar to make it go away, but I agree the way it obscures everything else is frustrating. The design of this system notification (also seen when unplugging, when the battery is low, with certain network errors, etc) should be revised to make sure the connectivity indicators to make sure the battery and connectivity indicators aren’t obscured. The bar at the top of the lock screen, home screen and events screen is the only place where you can see the battery status, so it’s annoying when it gets covered by a message telling you something you probably already know.


push power button and check charging percentage before connecting the charger.

actually its even.quite hard to click the bar at the top when using the phone single handed.

However, this is a problem with all notifications.