AVC1 Has to be finally fixed!

This topic is for this community to get together and think of ideas how to harass(1) jolla into finally fixing avc1.

I’ve reported the issue with avc1 decoding like over a year ago, and I think it’s regression even. Point and bug being that when you stream avc1 video via gstreamer(2), seeking is not possible and that prevents me from using it in microtube and that prevents people with older devices to be unable to use it. Some devices even from 2017 still don’t have vp9 decoding. And since over a year there has been nothing done to fix it so i hope that people interested in using microtube on older devices will get together and push jolla into fixing it. So any ideas how do we do that?

(1). Take word “harass” with massive grain of salt, I’m not talking about serious harassment it’s just funny word that represents bugging them a lot.
(2). I said gstreamer so you might be like “pfft so what it’s just your stupid app that uses it directly” so I can remove all doubts saying that qtmultimedia also uses it so it also affects gallery app (if it had streaming option)

Ad. 1. There are many many more bugs with droidmedia, like the fact that basically only vp9 is somewhat functional and no other coded really works, or that 10 bit doesn’t decode even though droidmedia doesn’t report it not supported, but these have lower priority
Ad. 2. You also might say “If you know so much about that why don’t you fix it yourself” and my answer is that I can’t do everything at once. I might if nothing gets done but for now i would rather avoid it


Newer phones also have problems with droidmedia. Programs that play videos or gifs keep crashing

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ye but first things first I would rather have crashing microtube than no microtube at all

So any idea how do we force jolla to finally fix it?

In the absence of more detailed observations, a package or even OS version where it breaks is a usually a good start. But you probably didn’t want that type of advice :slight_smile:

Now you are being inconsistent.


Oh ye sure i’m gonna go back and install every version starting from 2.0 to see when it broke, yeah i’m on it.

every 4.0

Jolla are in administration again and probably running on either a barebones staff or just enough to satisfy the Chinastone’s needs.

Yeah i know… kinda sucks


maybe here, don’t know…
so you said on openrepos(microtube) that you need info.

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seeking in MP4 containers using AV1 as codec downloaded from youtube is possible in desktop-gstreamer-app totem so I wouldn’t say this isn’t possible at all. That it is not really practical in e.g. harbour-videoPlayer is probably because of the way gstreamer-seeking is used there…

it’s about avc1 not av1, currently there’s no hw decoding of av1

ah ok, didn’t read properly, my fault…

and it was never fixed…

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Adding a sample file and instructions might help. And maybe logcat logs from playback? If you know it’s a droidmedia issue, you could also open a detailed issue there

it’s possibly the qtdemux, or could be gstdroid, or anything in the stack

I’ve given plenty of sample and instructions to mal already

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you could use libgstcodecparsers(gsth264parser)+libgstopenh264.so instead of gstdroid for decoding of avc1 to see if gstdroid causes it or not…