Automatic noise cancellation on the microphone when recording video

As seen in this thread, at the moment there is no solution in Sailfish to record video with an external microphone. So we are forced to record video with the internal microphone (or in some cases hands-free on the head).

Neither one nor the other solution is convenient when shooting video on the street. But well, I record with the internal microphone with 250% volume, because the microphone picks up very weakly the audio at default 100% (pactl set-source-volume 2 250%).

The drawback of this workaround is that it also increases the audible noise in the video. We are then forced to waste time editing to get rid of the noise.

Some time ago, when I recorded the desktop of my Linux PC with audio, the microphone also picked up noise. This was totally fixed in my Manjaro by a modification I was advised to do. The file I modified was /etc/pulse/, and the modification was this addition at the end of it:

load-module module-echo-cancel use_master_format=1 aec_method=webrtc aec_args=“analog_gain_control=0\ digital_gain_control=1” source_name=echoCancel_source sink_name=echoCancel_sink
set-default-source echoCancel_source
set-default-sink echoCancel_sink

Finally, we just had to do a $ pulseaudio -k followed by $ pulseaudio --start.

Could something similar be done in SFOS 4, although it may be in another file, or perhaps with another module or similar command to enable the echo and noise cancellation?

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