Automatic Filling

Hello, there are Android applications that ask for automatic code filling and my phone doesn’t fill it in, did anyone have this problem and managed to solve it.
I use SFOS 4.5 on an Xperia 10III.

Sorry, you’re going to have to explain what this means.

sorry my English is not very good
When I receive a code to activate the service, I cannot enter the code, the keyboard does not appear.
It says that the code will be filled in automatically.
On Android OS, it is possible to set auto-fill in the settings in SFOS in the settings, I don’t see how this can be done???

What is “the service” you refer to? Autofill with what, from what, into what?
Most people here won’t automatically know niche Android functionality, so you need to explain fully.

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ok, I understand that I didn’t explain myself well, but the situation is,
the Android APP is from MBWAY bank payments, when I start the APP it sends me a text message via SMS with a four-digit code to insert into the APP and carry out the authentication check, but I cannot enter the code, because it does not appear the keyboard. On Android OS there is an option where the cell phone enters the code itself, and the verification is carried out, and the APP starts working.
I hope you understood the issue.
I think that in SFOS this is not possible.
Thank you all

I think it could be a google play feature. Because it says in the microg release note for Version v0.2.29.233013 (beta) :

SMS retriever API

microG now supports the SMS retriever API. Apps can use the SMS retriever API to automatically fill confirmation codes received by SMS contains an app specific token or the user confirms that the app shall be allowed to read the SMS content. This API does not requires the app to have access to your SMS (but microG needs such access).

So maybe it will be available in the next stable microg release.

Wouldn’t it just be easier if you got the keyboard to work; it is it in fact not supposed to be available?
I.e. assuming there was a keyboard, would the app even accept input?

And are you sure it is Android automatically filling in the code; or the app actively reading the SMS?
This may seem like a small difference, but from an implementation point of view it is quite important.
(And what do you base your understanding of this on?)

I found this.

Note how that is very much SMS retrieval and not “automatic filling”.

I think that at one point SMSes were forwarded to the Android runtime… but i’m not sure they are any more. Someone here probably knows that. But if they aren’t you are sorely out of luck.

And indeed as @Pasci found, it seems to require more implementation even on top of that.