Automatic connection to hidden WLAN is not reliable



It’s not a 4.5 bug per se (I cannnot remember when it started), but it’s still present in SFOS 4.5. Network stack seem to have issues with handling WiFi with hidden ssid. Automatic connection is unreliable, sometimes it connects sometimes it won’t. Quite often manual reconnection shows there’s hidden network (it shows BSSID), but everytime asks for network name and key even if those were already provided and should be stored in network config. Sometimes it shows proper network name but it fails to connect.
Most reliable way to reconnect is to turn off/on wifi and tap anywhere outside network list window to close it, it usually connects to the network, but sometimes it flips between WiFI and cellular data.

All tests done on WPA2-PSK/AES network, two different routers.


WiFi with hidden name available in the area


  1. add new WiFi network, provide name and password
  2. make sure it is connected
  3. disconect form the network/disable WiFi
  4. enable WiFI
    4a) let device connect tothe known network in area
    4b) press and hold WiFi button on status screen to get connect context menu, select “Connect to the internet”, try to connect to your network from provided list of connections.


Phone will connect to the known network on its own
In case of manual connection it’ll show network name not BSSID and will connect using stored name/password
Once connected phone will use only WiFi connection


Phone often fails to automatically connect to the network once it’s in range/available
List of networks available in area shows only BSSID of your network, attempt to connects requires providing network name/password on each attempt even if those should be already stored.

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EXACTLY my case. Sometimes I have to struggle a few minutes for it connect, which makes me want to throw the damn thing against the wall.

Sometimes it shows correct network name and even correct MAC address. Or sometimes it shows correct MAC address but no SSID. Or sometimes neither of them. Or sometimes all of them, but still can’t connect and asks for SSID and password. Sometimes it shows the network as just “Protected”, other times as “Protected (WPA-PSK)”. A true lottery.

We seem to have a few bugs related to hidden WiFi issues, some of them here and also some in our internal tracker. It’s hard to say which ones are duplicates. In any case, I added this one to our internal tracker with title “Automatic connection to hidden WLAN is not reliable”. Your title sounds more like a task or feature request than a bug - perhaps it could be changed as well?

It seems I’m unable to edit my post/title, but if it’s gonna be helpful when title matches yours and site admin/moderator is able to alter post title, you’re more than welcome to do so.

Thanks, edited! It is helpful at least for me.

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I find myself in the very same situation. I might have found a workaround that’s been working fine so far (YMMV): I edited the connection details to fixed values.

For the not very networking literate like me, out there: I usually reserve given MAC addresses on my router side, so the different devices always get the same address. Because of this, my phone gets the same address too.
Go to Settings - System - Connectivity, WLAN and there, under Saved Networks, long press the Connection Name, to select Details. On the Details page, by pulling down the menu, pick Edit, and here put the values you need (if you don’t know them, you find them in the previous page when the connection is working).

Hope it works.