Auto orientation for camera even if orientation is locked

Just thinking, it would be nice if camera had auto orientation, it’s frustrating to have to unlock the orientation to have landscape/portrait mode if it’s, well, locked

Android on the same sony had it and even my very old windows phone…


Yes, Auto orientation on/off should be permanently in the camera’s GUI and independent of the phones orientation settings.


What a good suggestion this is!

I just tested this on my partner’s iPhone and as one might expect, locked orientation doesn’t affect the iPhone camera app. Likewise, Advanced camera on SFOS isn’t affected by the orientation lock.

Even if other OSes / apps didn’t handle the orientation lock as they do, I would still find this suggestion to be the logical way to go about it.


I’m feeling a bit stupid here…

What’s the point? For the UI elements? Metadata?

For automatic portrait or landscape mode of course…

OK. Doesn’t that happen anyhow if you tilt your camera 90 degrees??? It does on mine.

Rephrasing: We want to be able to have the orientation of the photo (metadata) to follow gravity or fixed and selectable. These options accessible from within the camera app. No matter what the display settings is…

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So it’s about Metadata. Got it.

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