Aurora Store stopped working

If anyone runs in the issue that Aurora Store (OSS-FrontEnd to Google Play Store) fails with message stream was reset: PROTOCOL_ERROR it seems to be a general problem. According to this Reddit thread the nightly build of Aurora Store should work. So let’s hope that we’ll get an updated release on FDroid soon.


I reinstalled Aurora store and then I tried to login with Google account. In this way works.

Works again for me this evening :slight_smile: Without login via Google account.

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My Aurora store installed weeks ago continues to work just fine. I’m using Google account login.

Seems the big evil is blocking Aurora’s anonymous access.
I did notice the same with Aurorastore 4.1.1 stable…not launching with anonymous login.
I removed this version and installed the recent Nightly built and this seems to work.

What are you guys doing? I just updated my banking apps and aurora is working flawless with anonymous login. Aurora 4.1.1(41)

I get the message “stream was reset”, but then it works normally.
Edit: After a disconnection, anonymous connection is not possible any more. Need to login via Google account.

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It works fine from Norway, just updated Spotify with an anonymous account.

EDIT: I went to Menu → Accounts → Log out from Aurora, and logged back in, still works.

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Working again now.
I cannot find any more the option to switch between the official and private token servers.

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In my case installing the latest Aurora nightly fixed the issue.

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The error mentioned by OP was fixed, but now I am getting a different error (“timeout” after “Requesting new session”). Any ideas?

EDIT: that error went away by itself, too.

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