Aurora Store stopped working

If anyone runs in the issue that Aurora Store (OSS-FrontEnd to Google Play Store) fails with message stream was reset: PROTOCOL_ERROR it seems to be a general problem. According to this Reddit thread the nightly build of Aurora Store should work. So let’s hope that we’ll get an updated release on FDroid soon.


I reinstalled Aurora store and then I tried to login with Google account. In this way works.

Works again for me this evening :slight_smile: Without login via Google account.

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My Aurora store installed weeks ago continues to work just fine. I’m using Google account login.

Seems the big evil is blocking Aurora’s anonymous access.
I did notice the same with Aurorastore 4.1.1 stable…not launching with anonymous login.
I removed this version and installed the recent Nightly built and this seems to work.

What are you guys doing? I just updated my banking apps and aurora is working flawless with anonymous login. Aurora 4.1.1(41)

I get the message “stream was reset”, but then it works normally.
Edit: After a disconnection, anonymous connection is not possible any more. Need to login via Google account.

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It works fine from Norway, just updated Spotify with an anonymous account.

EDIT: I went to Menu → Accounts → Log out from Aurora, and logged back in, still works.

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Working again now.
I cannot find any more the option to switch between the official and private token servers.

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In my case installing the latest Aurora nightly fixed the issue.

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The error mentioned by OP was fixed, but now I am getting a different error (“timeout” after “Requesting new session”). Any ideas?

EDIT: that error went away by itself, too.

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More than half a year later still the same issue?!
For me F-Droid was never working. Now after the system update it works, so I installed Aurora Store now. But trying to log in, still the same error appears as in the original post. What are they actually doing?!
I do not want to be tracked by Google everywhere, so I am not going to give them deliberate access to all my store activities.

@makeena : I tested right now and login at Aurora Store works fine. I don’t think that there is some ‘server down’ situation. I checked the settings of the Aurora Store app, and saw that there are spoofing settings, one for language and one for device. My working settings are: Language: nothing, Device: k63v2_64_bsp-default (yes, really, no joke… on a Volla + Waydroid)

I looked at the list of provided device options but your device setting does not even exist on my phone. There is only a short list to select from and all of them start with arm64 or armeabi (if you are talking about the third line). My device is set to

Sony, API 30

(all other options have a phone name in their first line). Selecting another producer would not really change much on the third line. Only other option “API null” is not changing anything either.

Maybe you have an older version of Aurora where the list was still longer?

On my X10 (SFOS Spoofing is set to device: kirin-default, and Language: nothing. SFOS language is german. Account is on both devices: Anonymous, aurora.oss.(some_number)(at) .

I have Aurora Store v4.1.1(41) on both the Volla and the Xperia 10.

Are there other Android apps working poor or buggy, too? An other idea i have is to deinstall all the Android support, reboot device and then reinstall Android support from Jolla store.

The device you have set there does not exist in my list either. But they all seem to have default at the end while no other option I have, has this in the name. Language is unselected.
Aurora from F-Droid is version 4.1.0 without any option to update for some reason. I tried to login with anonymous too (not insecure but on one try it showed the same error) but I did not get to a point where I could create/add a mail address.
I have the same OS version on my Xperia X 10 III but the OS is set to english US. However, a quick change to german did not change anything.

So there really seems to be almost no difference but for some reason I can still not get Aurora running…

The one I have is Aurora Store by Rahul Kumar Patel v4.1.1 from Feb. 23, 2022.
It’s the latest available version on F-Droid. Other versions are available but are older.

I do not remember to have seen other versions of the same app. But F-Droid stopped running again, so I cannot look up anything there for now sadly.

There is only a small number of android apps not working. Namely Yotube Go, Supercard and Sleep Cycle. Yr always shows an error message about missing play services but then runs without issues.
Reinstalling all of that would be a quite big thing. I guess all app content and data will be lost then? And the app stores will not remember my apps anymore?

Yes, I guess that’s true.