Audioworks feedback thread

Hi. I just released v1.5.0 which adds a chorus effect (which is hit and miss) and adds an odd fix.

Somewhere between 4.2 and 4.5, python libraries loaded in a python that’s included via qml stopped being able to run ffmpeg. Sooo, that meant that saving to ogg and flac (let along mp3), was no longer working. Must be a Sailjail ++.

The solution was to move the file saving to the python file included directly. So, reproduce the library calls in calling file. The library in question is pydub.

Edit: Let me know if it works for you :slight_smile:
So, I’m either going nuts, or Sailjail is even more complicated that I suspected.

Edit, 2: To be more clear:

  1. load python file A
  2. in said python file A, load pydub library (having include path /usr/share/appname/libraryfolder)
  3. run ffmpeg from library call, fail
  4. run ffmpeg call in A, succeed.

If you run from the terminal, all calls work (including to lame, which never works in sailjail context)

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And some time later, I just realized that the chum build is broken. The Jolla store version is fine and I believe openrepos, too. But the chum version is K.O. … FYI