Audio / Video call with Conversation

Is there anybody who us able to make video or audio calls with Conversations?
For me it’s not working. The calling is working correctly and when I take the call, Conversations on Sailfish is searching the opposite device and trying to connect without success.

Sailfish cant play video clips let alone a video call. I dont even think there is software for this os that allows standard modern basics like this to happen. I could be wrong but I dont think its possible

What you claim is wrong definitely because of with Signal I’m able to make video- and Audio-calls without any problems with Sailfish OS.

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Yes, I did test audio-calls with an Android-user: To establish an audio-call connection was working most of the time, but the sound quality was so incredibly bad (really hard to understand each other) that we gave up after a few minutes.

It’s a pity that no working xmpp client is available with video / audio calling and omemo…

I don’t know if this might be the solution in your case, but I experienced similar distortions during signal (android) audio calls. The problem was gone after I have disabled developer mode. My general experience is that having developer mode enabled leads to many problems not present otherwise.

Video calls work fine for me, i never tested audio calls. But they only work with mobile data not over wifi.