Audio-Equalier for PulseAudio

Is there a System-Wide (global) Audio-Equalizer out there for PulseAudio, maybe with the possibility of having Presets (Headphone, Car, Livingroom-Stereo)?

Not for sailfish os afai know. For linux there was pulse-effects (GTK4 app) but that changed to pipewire i think and became easyeffects. And we don’t use pipewire.

I´m using this under my linuxmint installation:

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DeadBeef Silica audio player has a built in audio equalizer. Not exactly what you asked for, but maybe helpful.


I’m using it already as Main-Audioplayer under SFOS and LinuxMint, sadly it have only one Equalizer-Preset (on or off).

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My goto player … it has issues with persistent settings (sailjail I assume) and loading large directories time out requiring intervention to continue the load. Otherwise it works for me :slight_smile:

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