Atoss Staff Center app does not run on Sailfish 4.5

Atoos Staff Center is an Human Ressource Tool, Our Company forces us to use that tool, but unfortunately it is not running on SFOS. I am managing the app download and you can start the application. But the it says that I have to use a look code for my phone. I activated the phone lock but nothing changes.

Any advices ?

Best regards.

Change job. That looks horrific.

There are already lots of threads about how the Android-side detection of lock codes (and management thereof?) is not hooked up with the actual lock code in Sailfish.

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And you would have to install that on your private phone???

If they want you to run specific software, they should provide you with a device to do so.

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Unfortunately yes. I suppose, that this is the Android-Sailfish lock code problem. Hmm… but many thanks for your help.

They will of course not provide me with a business phone, maybe I will find a second one. Thank’s anyway.

Change job, really. They should provide a device if they want you to use any specific software.

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