AT&T 3G to end next Tuesday in the US?

I’ve read that AT&T’s 3G will end next Tuesday in the US via CNN. Is this true, and if so where are others moving their service?

For the time being I haven’t switched providers and I’m using postmarketos/Phosh on a pinephone on an AT&T MVNO. Can boot into SFOS as well*, but voice service only sorta works properly – not a 4G-specific thing, just the community port still a WIP (and no camera yet). I just don’t wanna use android, so I hoping that 4G on my now (temporarily?) furloughed Xperia 10 II will work again soon™.

T-Mo says it’s shutting off its legacy UTMS GSM on July 1, 2022. That might be an option for 5 months if you opt for a month-to-month plan.

*Was happy to find out I could do a backup to SD from SFOS on Xperia 10 II and restore on SFOS Pinephone running same SFOS version! Cool!

You can use SIP and a data-only SIM. Let me know if you’d like any help there.

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Thank you, could I use my own number and do calls/texts over SIP? That is my biggest concern.

Yes. First, get a DATA only SIM like one from RedPocket on the GSMA (ATT) network. It’s critical it’s DATA only. Sign up at a SIP provider like If you want, use my referral link Once or your SIP provider is setup, port in your existing phone number. This will cancel you existing service and move your number to the SIP provider. Then swap in your DATA only SIM. Register to the network and setup the APN for internet access. Then install S1P (openrepos) or Grandstream Wave (Android) and configure your SIP provider. Grandstream Wave supports SMS right now S1P will soon. For other options SMS/MMS on specifically, you can enable forwarding of SMS/MMS to an email, SMPP server or even to a webhook for posting in Slack.

Let me know if you have questions.

If your carrier refuses to release your phone number from your existing plan (due to the cut over from 3G and you being a hold out who is either pending inactive or not in good standing), take the free Android phone they offer and put in your SIM. Your account will register under that phone and then your DID (phone number) will be considered ‘Active and in good standing’ with the network. Then try the port again.

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So I have signed up, and downloaded Grandstream Wave. It’s asking for a server to login and I don’t know where to find that?

Using the New York Server listed under DID

Username my Account Number and password is my signup password

Update: Worked with tech support and got it.

I guess there is a native sip app for sfos which probably better suits your needs.