Asking for advice on new mobile running sailfishOS

Guys few days ago my xperia 10 ii’s screen stopped working and with cost more than 120 Euros to fix it, I am looking for my next device. As I read through many threads, support for Xperia 10 IV might not come.

Should I buy from ebay / does anyone here sell an xperia 10 ii or iii on good condition?

I also looked for Volla x23 or 22, seem nice devices and Volla x23 very well ported (congratulations to @piggz for that!) but without official support as also no support for android (seems waydroid works?).

I am interested running Here maps, whatsapp, element, vlc and 2 - 3 more android apps, will I be able to run them with waydroid if I get a Volla x23? Do notifications work?

Whichever device I will get, I will buy a sailfish license even I am not going to use it. It is the least I can do to express my appreciation for Jolla team and sailfishOS for being my daily mobile operating system.

Thank you in advance

waydroid works on vollax23 if you follow the instructions … i use it for whatsapp and banking. i do not have notifications working, but you may be able to rig something up with kdeconnect (i have no issue not being notified for every whatsapp message! :slight_smile:


Have you tried installing MicroG on Waydroid? In Xperia XZ3 notifications work with MicroG in Waydroid but not in Volla Phone 22. However, notifications on Whatsapp and FB Messenger work in Volla 22.

And notifications also work on Volla Phone and Volla Phone X with MicroG installed.