ASAP - Another Sailfish Appreciation Post

So, everybody knows jolla’s future now is quite uncertain, uncertain as in “only they know, and until they tell us what’s happening we can only guess”, but still, not as bright, althought it has never been bright, and we all know that

Still, they entered in a damn hard market and managed to stay afloat all these years, despite all the difficulties

i entered the boat about 8 years ago, with a jolla phone, coincidentally the same week sailfish 2 was released, and i immediately fell in love with it, because it had a user interface very well tought, not like some other operating systems that put things at the longest distance available from your finger

after 4 years my jolla one begged me to change it with 2 dead batteries and wobbling usb port, so decided to buy an XA2. Unfortunately i needed some applications for work and the sailfish android image wasn’t signed yet, so i stayed about 3 years with android.

Needless to say they were quite a nightmare, cause the ui is really that bad, and apart from that, you don’t really own your phone, you can’t even open the calendar without a google account, so a little bit after the android image was signed on sailfish i switched back, and despite i still think sailfish 1 was the best ui ever, it was really a pleasure to discover that sailfish still has the most beautiful and usable ui ever.

Sure, there are bugs, we all cope with, some more than others, but still, it’s a damn pleasure to use it, more than any other system

We all now hope for the best, and know jolla can do it another time, but if they don’t succeed, let me say, it has been an hell of a ride

Thank you Jolla…


True, but after SFOS since J1, now a year of X10 II, I’m so torn between giving it some more leeway with X10 III, or just giving up and getting a Pixel.

I need get a breather between all these

  • Low-memory Browser crashes, or everything grinding to a halt
  • Browser engine lagging behind upstream for 2+ years
  • 5+ App Support crashes / day when travelling, as soon as you go heavy on Location apps
  • Subpar camera software
  • SFOS slows me down too often
  • etc etc

But what I do like is that the core SFOS itself seems rock solid. I think I’ve just been restoring backups across newer phones for years, and other than Notes faux pas, everything has always continued to work.


Yeah, i get you

Actually my only concern is the gps getting a fix in too much time, but i can live with it after all, actually osmand on android was the same, if i recall correctly

True, the browser is old, and that could be better, but the situation was much worse years ago

Lucky for me, camera was one of my concerns but i do so few photos that decided to do the switch anyway…

I know, there are bugs, but at least i know, on sailfish everything is were it should be, while on android everything is buried under something, and i have to hold my phone with two hands to navigate it, which i hate, so despite everything sailfish is still my choice

After all, i would say, it’s a phone i spent my money on, and i want it to be mine, i can’t with android…

And anyway, if you don’t use google services, you will probably have a tough life on android too…