Are two profiles for Jolla-Browser possible?

Under Debian I can run the Firefox browser with several profiles. Is there a similar possibility under SFOS, especially since the Jolla browser is based on Firefox according to my information?

Alternatively, a second, independent installation of the standard browser could also be the solution. Is this possible under SFOS, and if so, how?

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If you told us something about what you actually use that for, it might inspire better answers.
…but you can always use a second user on the phone.

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I do the same as OP (and also in Debian). Firefox can be started with the “-P” parameter which brings up its Profile manager.
Obviously a profile contains browsing history, cookies, bookmarks, sessions and passwords.
I use different profiles for different purposes. I have one for Shopping, another for Banking, etc.
I set these up before they brought in Multi-Account containers.
Firefox also has a ‘–no-remote’ parameter which allows a new instance of Firefox to be launched, so one can have different profiles loaded at the same time in separate instances.

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don’t think SHOULD be, since a quick glance a the source shows support for it
(profile is presumably ‘browser’, as in ~/.local/share/org.sailfishos/browser/.mozilla/)

QString BrowserApp::profileName()
    const QStringList &arguments = QCoreApplication::arguments();
    int index = arguments.indexOf(QLatin1String("-profile"));
void BrowserPrivate::initUserData()
    QString mozillaDir = QString("%1/.mozilla/").arg(BrowserApp::profileName());

…but the actual browser exec cmdline support is just:

void BrowserService::openUrl(const QStringList &args)
    if(args.count() > 0) {
        emit openUrlRequested(args.first());
    } else {
        emit openUrlRequested(QString());

I have a similar user profile to @rgp. A separate account is possible, but a bit cumbersome.
But if I understand @teleshoes’ explanations correctly (sorry, I’m not a programmer), a second instance is not possible with the Jolla browser. What a pity!