Are the Sailfish SDK Repositories down?


I recently switched to a new computer and wanted to reinstall the Sailfish IDE but the installer always tells me that “No repository could be reached”. Is this a temporary bug or are the servers down?

I got the same error last day. On manjaro, I had to install openssl-1.1

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I just ran Sailfish SDK Maintenance Tool, and it was able to refresh the repos, so they should be working. The missing OpenSSL dependency would have been by first guess, too.

Okay, then it might be that. Unfortunately, I’m unable to install openssl-1 since I have onle version 3 in my distro’s repos (KDE Neon)

There is openssl-compat package in Gentoo to provide openssl1 libraries. Maybe there is similar package in your distribution.

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You can get it from here…
This worked for me.

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I had big problem with Debian. Then I installed SDK offline version and it worked.