Apps and Accounts look in the Settings

An obvious one. And old one also. The Apps and Accounts options in the Settings app don’t look like the rest of the options in there.

A User section and making it look the same as the other options would fix that.


An obvious answer is that it’s because their functionality is different from the rest of the settings :slight_smile:

The contents of account and app lists isn’t fixed. Account list has “Add account” icon, app list doesn’t have and doesn’t need anything like that. Account icons are visually different from the settings icons (that can be changed, though). Accounts have context menu (for a reason), which settings items don’t have and don’t need. App icons are provided by the authors of the apps - those can be done in any style, and it’s a grid rather than a list (for a reason, too). And so on.

I’m not a graphics designer but I do see the logic (both visual and functional) in the current design, and don’t see any obvious way to significantly improve it. One long list of differently looking and working things doesn’t sound like much of an improvement, really.

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The user customizes something (adds removes stuff ie the same way he would remove a WLAN/VPN) with them so its pretty much the same “functionality” as the rest of the settings (more or less).

The main issue here is consistency. It looks different and feels strange. What happens after you tap on them and what is in there is another topic. Ie. how the apps section is jolla only and make it difficult to find settings from within the apps when you use them or how the accounts could have the add option in the pull down menu to be more sailfishish etc.

As i said i am not a fan of the current looks, i don’t see the logic and i like things to be consistent. Consistency is an improvement.

I can’t say that I really have thought about it much, or care too much, but since you brought it up, I think it may be an interesting thought…

Basically, the only difference in appearance is that the main Settings page has monotone, outlined icons for all of the entries, where the accounts list has colored, square block, “official” ones. It may actually be a good design move to make both the same style. It doesn’t seem like it would be too hard to make a monotone, outlined “Google” logo, for example…

Third-party applications published on the Store are prohibited from adding their settings in there, but applications from OpenRepos (or elsewhere) don’t have to follow those restrictions. I believe @slava actually added some extra settings for some applications a while ago.

I don’t use OR apps so i wasn’t aware of that but anyway. That section on its own is problematic. IMO settings -for the app- should be accessible from within the app. The app section in the settings could include stuff like access control, permissions etc. And also i would be better if it didnt look like the main launcher.

A bit off topic. :upside_down_face: