Application Switcher improvements

Am I the only one, who has regularly a hard time identifying apps?
This is especially hard, when similiar apps are open.

Actually the easiest one are usually android apps, because you can see the whole app design.
The hardest ones are browsers etc.

Currently my best idea is, do add an option that, if enabled, shows the application name above the application in the switcher.
Does something like that exist, can I modify it, is it planned?


Should be maybe doable?
Take a look at the sources of @coderus’ patch ‘Notifications count in Switcher’

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I’m all in with this! While I read and understand in no time, it takes me considerable lifetime to decode and understand Icons, symbols or images, emojis being the hardest of all.

I’m not having any problems with the covers being unidentifiable. It would take valuable space away on the app covers if they were to show their app icon and name on top.

That said, I personally wouldn’t mind if they were shown in the “edit mode”, where you can close and reorder applications. I use the covers in that mode only for identifying the application and not for reading data on the cover, so I wouldn’t mind if there was the application name and icon overlaying or replacing the cover.

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If that would go to the os, it should be an optional feature. I’m also not too fond of the icon of the application for some reason, the name would be totally sufficient for me.

But @ahappyhuman, I guess you might be interested in an option which would force the grid to stay 2xn and not switch to 3xn?

Yes, I am. Right now I’m using a patch to make it happen, but I wouldn’t mind an optional implementation.

You got me curious, so I started experimenting, ans got this far by modifying CoverBackground qml file… I just have to figure out the code to change “some_text” to the app name…

As a workaround, you could easily add the code to each app individually… Glad to post specifics if interested .

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I tried this:

but i cant get the patch running in the patchmanager yet

As for me most of the native apps are recognizable. But some of Android apps looks as twins. For example apps with pin-code screens instead of content preview.

I remember that there used to be a patch that replaces the cover of Android apps wirh their respective icon instead of the live preview. ‘Beautiful covers for Android Apps’ was the name, I think.

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Tried also - installed and applied, but no discernable change in behavior…

patch basically just adds a rectangle field to SwitcherItem qml file with the text being “window.value”. Maybe I can add that rectangle somewhere else…