Application data dir, sailjail and OrganizationName

So, i played around a bit with SailJail some months ago, and never quite figured it out.
One of the side-effects what that SeaPrint is now setting OrganizationName according to this.
I left it in, admittedly not thinking too much about it, but if anything it felt like a reasonable preparation.

That then passed Harbour QA 3 times, but now it was rejected. What gives?

Is setting proper OrganizationNames not something we want in the future?
Changing back only to have to set it again in a couple of months seems not so nice.
But any clear recommendation on this would be much appreciated.


Stupid question… what is the OrganizationName in this case?


And how does it relate to organizing source (I’m thinking of old java naming conventions)

UPDATE, never mind, looked it up: net.attah.seaprint.desktop

It didn’t get through QA withe the entries commented out?

Like mentioned in the email you received, your app writes to a directory which is not allowed. Sure, it happens because you followed the instructions in the sailjail repository. But the Sailjail stuff is not yet ready to be used by third party applications.

Might be so. Or not. I don’t know, and quite likely nobody does. That’s exactly why this stuff is not yet allowed in Harbour.

But anyway, thanks for testing the stuff, even if it’s not yet ready! The issue that you found is definitely one that needs to be sorted out sooner or later. Either by changing the Harbour rules, or by changing the Sailjail instructions.

I was curious, since it’s not in the permissions guide mentioned if sailjailing will require code reorganization? The java reference I made … I would guess, not?

Oh, we are supposed to get emails? That would be great!
I keep having to poll harbour for notifications.

Yes, but i wouldn’t have asked if it wasn’t because it had passed QA 3 times with this behaviour, and i assume people will lose their settings now.

But I’ll revert then, no worries… just a bit confused.

No, it deals only with packaging and runtime stuff (afaik).
Having opinions on how the source code is organized would be silly.

You read my mind. 10 years of java development have left deep scars :wink: I kid. Sort of.