Application Contacts

This app is OK for me. But

  1. I would like find an option to convert in vcf card format and reverse. Interesting for avoid use Google contacts or other. Interesting for transfer by USB for or into a PC
  2. I would like search by location of contact town at minima

You can inport vcf files.

Open Settings -> Apps -> People -> import vcf file located in your home folder.

If you want to export your contacts to vcf file you have to make backup.

Settings -> Backup -> Make backup

When you open your backup you can find vcf file with your contacts.

or use the terminal

devel-su -p /usr/bin/vcardconverter -e mycontacts.vcf

for export

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Or just use people app itself:

  • open app
  • pulley menu: Select contacts
  • pulley menu: Select all
  • push ‘Share’ button on lower right
  • choose e-mail, send to yourself

Thanks for your speedy ansver !
in french Paramètres -> Applications (Settings)-> Contacts (People) -> Importer depuis fichier de contacts … is good
But no Backup in Parametres (Settings). I have find Sauvegarde (Backup) but restore all from SD card … is no good, I think.
No change if I connect USB mode file transfer.
I think that options on icone Contacts (People) for import and for export is interesting.

Its a good idea but I would like save on vcf format on the SD card (or on my PC not mandatory) if the transfert file USB is ON.
Perhaps a whish to extend Share button of People ?

If you have an Android file manager (OI, X-plore…) then you might share to Android… You will also need coderus’ AlienDalvic Control.