APP: use smartphone as PC MIC


do you know if there is any app to use my sailfish device as a mic for my laptop?

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It’s a nice feature request, however I doubt that it’s sufficient to provide an app on the phone for that. I guess it’s more or less straight forward to capture audio from the phone and send it to the PC. On the PC you’d need an (virtual) device that receives that audio stream and present it to the PC as an audio source, i.e. you’d need to implement some kind of an audio device driver. This would be dependent on the PC’s operating system and audio architecture.

I’m quite sure that can be done using some sort of pulseaudio magic. And by using USB developer mode LAN instead of WiFi the latency could be quite low, too.


I am a little bit confused. Actually, i just wanted to check if there is an app available. My intention was not to bring up a new app build. But if someone else needs this feature as well, I wont complain.

The issue is that in home office i do a lot of calls on my laptop and the laptop-fan is disturbing the calls. i thought of placing my phone as mic and use it for laptop-calls.

On Nokia n900 I made something similar with gstreamer, actualy I managed to make bluetooth hands free working as walkie-talkie with the n900!

I made it using this command: gst-launch pulsesrc device=source.hw1 ! audioconvert ! volume volume=100 ! pulsesink device=sink.hw0 pulsesrc device=source.hw0 ! audioconvert ! volume volume=100 ! pulsesink device=sink.hw1

I remember trying it on my new Jolla Phone (back in the days) and didn’t work, after that I haven’t tried it again.

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I have used Sailfish X straight forward HFP via BT to place and answer calls from the PC.

IMO in theory it could work, because you can switch the roles, but not sure.

How about PulseAudio tunnel with Linux PC. Maybe that work?

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