App SDK Build Environment Modifications

Some apps I develop require packages not in the default repositories. I can use sfdk to enter the build environment and add repos there, but its very annoying when the build engine resets itself, usually after running a “clean” step in qt creator.

Is there a good way to make permanent changes to a build engine that dont get reset all the time?

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When you use the Docker version: starting with the clean container, add the repos & then use docker commit <container> <image_name> to save this state. Then remove the sfos build machine image, and use docker tag to rename the image you just created to the sfos build machine image name. Hacky, but should work.

Ok, i might try that im using the virtualbox version atm

What i used in these cases was a “output-prefix”, and possibly a “task”.
This way any dependencies i have built remains in the output directory, and can get pulled in as per the defined dependencies even after a reset. This of course doesn’t solve adding a repo, but theoretically you can throw whatever you need into such a directory manually. I just built the dependencies locally.

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Shouldn’t sfdk snapshots work for this?

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You don’t want to make permanent changes to a build engine, but to a build target. Like @direc85 wrote, snapshots might work for you. Another option could be making a completely separate target with sfdk tools target clone command.