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I am new to sailfish and really like it so far. A question i have is about app permissions. A simple train schedule app or others i tried need access to camera, microphone and other permssions were i think it is not really needed. Network access would be enough. What is behind this?

Tbis has been asked several times before.
Search before posting.

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Thank you. Your answer is what i also see often :wink: Things can also change with time. I found some information about it but

Sailfish apps well behave

for example when asking about revoking permissions does not help me. On Android and iOS there the app asks for permissions it needs at the moment the app needs an api with an explanation. Just as an example. Does not must be the same with Sailfish. But many of the apps in the Jolla Store are no longer maintained, maybe use old APIs and i have no idea what i am installing. I prefer installing Apps from F-Droid than from the Jolla Store to be honest but still wanted to ask in 2024 why so many apps need a list of seemingly unneeded permissions in the jolla store.

You should still ask in an existing thread, then the basic information (which you clearly haven’t read) don’t have to be repeated.

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These are just default values.
Most likely the app developer did not bother to set up tailored permissions.


Thank you. I did not find this post. Next time i am more patient searching before posting.


it’s an old app so by default it requests all permissions, but for example fahrplan cannot even access the camera, because it’s not in the source code, even though it would have the permission

Thank you @smatkovi When we discuss about apps. Hope it is ok to ask this here. I saw it’s possible to submit apk’s in harbour. I can code for android but never tried Linux. Would you recommend learning it or would it be ok to see some more android apps in the store? Do not almost all have android app support activated?

only the devices with a license from the jolla shop have android support. i would prefer a native app, but you should do what’s easier for you i would say.

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You don’t have to put android apps into the jolla store, it is easier to pull them from your favourite android store like fdroid or aurora


No, on community ports is no app support and some or most users use only those android apps that are indespensible.
I have a volla and i need waydroid when whosperfish is broken e.g.or when i do travel in holidays