App idea - Edge Lighting Colors - Border for Sailfish

Hello - I ask me if it’s possible to create a app like in android to get lightning edges if activate the screen. The apps from android doesn’t work. Maybe it’s exist? It could be also a new feature in the ambiente settings. Thanks for all tips.

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Do you have a picture or video? At least I have no idea what you are talking about :laughing:


If anybody call you the animated neon frame is showing.

I should be possible to patch the vioicecall app to show a colored border while it’s in “incoming call” mode.

I’m not sure however why you want this - is it just eye candy? Or is there some functional use to this?

Yes, I just wanted it as an eye catcher and the colored edge should also be animated like a neon running light. I had already thought about the Battery Overlay 2 app, which would have to be rewritten. But animating it is certainly time-consuming because it has to stop when sleep mode starts. So not making any effort was just a fixed idea. Thank you