App Group Icon should show apps inside

Right now in Sailfish OS when you create an app group by dragging apps together, the icon is a colored frame with a number in it and a group title underneath.

On Android and iOS the group consists of a transparent circle or square where you see the icons of four or more apps.

I would love to see the Sailfish group frame surrounding the visible depiction of (some of) the icons of the apps in that group.

The icons of apps like podQast, Amazfish and Talefish (and many more) all are nice graphical creations. It is a shame they cannot be seen directly when pulling up the app drawer if they are in a group.


You get it with Patchmanager3 and Launcher combined patch by coderus, but unfortunately, this patch doesn’t work on SailfishOS 4

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Thanks! Of course someone thought of it before me. Good to know. Sorry that so many patches do not work on SFOS 4.

Does it really need to be a patch?


I agree this should be standard functionality.

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I agree too. I think that Jolla must implement it at some time

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Maybe this question could be added to “Features Request” section too.

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