App development - QML Images: autoTransform images according to EXIF rotation

Hi there,
first thanks a lot @Jolla for the latest update to SailfishOS 3.4. It runs pretty smooth. Now I was wondering if there exists an alternative to QMLs Image “autoTransform: true” property. It was added to QML in Qt v5.5, which according to my knowledge has not yet arrived on SailfishOS, and so we still can’t make use of it. However Sailfish Gallery shows correct image rotations according to EXIF-data stored when taking the photo. My tests in Imageworks to load an image first with python3-pillow, EXIF-autoRotate, save temporarily and finally load it in QML takes just a bit too long. Maybe someone has a better idea or knows how it is done in the Gallery app? Thanks.

Sailfish OS 3.4 ships with Qt 5.6. I believe Sailfish OS has been on Qt 5.6 for quite a while now, so it should work fine. Just make sure you’re importing the right QtQuick version in your QML.

Here we go :), I indeed forgot to check the latest QtQuick version. I will perform some tests and hopefully publish a new version of Imageworks soon. Thanks @ahappyhuman!!!

gallery gets its information from the documentgallerymodel that has a property orientation. See usr/share/jolla-gallery/gallery.qml