App browser with better funcionallity

it will be awesome to have the possibility to choose about cookies, java and so on in the browser app.

also to be able to change our custom search engine by default, where we dont need to download anything to do it

And … a browser that can … browse ? :sweat_smile:


Might be possible through about:config?

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Every time to repeat after having browser closed and re-opened! Really???

well, jolla said they are working on the browser… there is so much wrong with the browser now its almost too much to list it… lets just hope they look at the new geckoview…

Well 3.4.0 that is just around the corner (strings translations cutoff is this monday) should update gecko a bit (still few years behind, but less by a year or two), fingers crossed but not holding my breath

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We are all free to make suggestions/commits to the Sailfish Browser on Github; and of course this also allows us to see any progress (commits) if any.


Just to clarify, is this about adding new search engines to the list that’s already available?

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nop, that just one thing of what can be better in the app

ups. I thought that to do the forum was about it

So when can Jolla push the 3.4.0 version

Ask jolla, all we can do is guess based on the translation strings they published that should have their cutoff for translation tomorrow, will there be a second round, are they gonna push as it is… Your guess is as good as mine

How difficult can it be?

Ask us (users) for a recurring yearly amount, hire some good developers and let them focus on good current browser and good base apps. If we know this is the way it will be spend I know for sure most of us out here will support the approach.

Come on, JollaHQ (@maajussi), it’s now or never (and the community will be gone)

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