APN Setup SailfishOS - XA2 Ultra

Hi, I’m currently in the U.S. for the time being but I plan to return to Finland within some time.

I have considered several options for cellular networks that work and I decided on Hello Mobile. I haven’t configured SailfishOS with an APN setup before. I have a few times whilst in the U.S. however on Android however. The menus for APN setup confuses me and I don’t see much information about it online. The service I intend to MVNO of on T-Mobile. The phone is a Sony XA2 Ultra (international unlocked).

The settings I need to set are as follows:

Name: Hello Mobile
APN: hellomobile
MMSC: http://wholesale.mmsmvno.com/mms/wapenc
MCC: 310
MNC: 240
APN Type: default,supl,mms
APN Protocol: Select > IPv4/IPv6

After creating a support ticket, I was suggested to go here to ask about this by someone from Jolla.

Help would be greatly appreciated and I hope that you guys have a good rest of your evening. Thank you.

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Thank you. I tried it and it doesn’t really seem to be doing anything at all. It doesn’t appear to be working. I did test this SIM with a borrowed phone from my friend’s and it does work. For “IPv4/IPv6” I only had the option in Sailfish for “IP” and “IPv6” so I just did “Dual” to see if that would work.

So do it one more time and check APN settings on friend’s phone.

Show us friend’s settings and we will try do it toghether.

Curious is this network working since the forced 3G shutdown in the US? Can you do calls?