Anyone running 4.2 on the volla?

I’m asking since I’m experiencing some odd behaviour although generally 4.2 works well. I suspect I might have a flawed install. My problems seem to be network related.

One really odd thing, I never get prompted to unlock the sim card. But it works. Never seen that before.

I use a Volla phone with Sailfish 4.2. Every time I turn on the phone comes me a pin code query …

Strange. I’ve just flattend the phone, re-flashed and swapped to another sim. The phone doesn’t present me with a pin entry for the SIM.

On the other hand, after slimming the number of photos and videos down, backup and restore worked.

I’m going to assume that something was wrong with my install. Thanks for the heads up.

EDIT: trying to take a screen shot also causes a segfault.

I tried to take a screenshot and that led to a reboot. After that there was no pin code query and I had to turn it on again in the settings.

And the fingerprint recognition was lost too, I had to recreate it.

Strange. I could reenable the SIM pin, which seems to work. But I haven’t lost the fingerprint recognition.

EDIT: Seems every reboot the SIM preference is lost. Gotta debug.

Sim pin setting doesn’t stick and the email account settings seem to not stick. I wonder.

After testing a screenshot (which caused a reboot) the SIM preference is lost every reboot. Before that test, everything work as expected.

Ah, thanks. I’ll communicate that.