Anyone has a spare Jolla Phone?

Hello folks,

does anyone have a spare (broken) Jolla Phone to sell, preferable from Germany or Europe? It just needs to be able to load my other Jolla Phone’s battery when connected to a charger, no need to boot it. I guess the usb connector of my Jolla Phone has a loose contact. It’s very hard to almost impossible to charge my battery by now. The problem got worse and worse over time.

I had similar problem, one cable worked better, second one not so much. Finally I discovered that there were a lot of dust/lint in the usb connector. I think I cleaned the connector with a thin piece of metal or plastic. After I got the dust out both cables worked fine again.


i möcht have one . need to check, will take few days

Maybe this is interesting for charging a battery:

edit: the link i wanted to post looks a little strange now, but if you click on the blue letters “procuct-title kaufen” you come direct to the page with the description of the charger. With this charger you can charge every accumulator but you have to set up manually for the cell type, number of cells, charging current and so on, and you have to make a cable for the connection. Output of the charger is 4mm plugs, balancer is included, but for use of the balancer an extra available adapter is needed. If the telephone accu is only 1 cell type, no balancer is needed.

If you just want a way to charge your battery: you can get Li-Po/Li-Ion charger boards for less than 2$ shipped on ebay/aliexpress that would do the job (search for TP4056).

However before going that route, I would suggest inspecting the USB port, like werdinand suggested.

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i have one. it is working, the display is broken, but secured with screen protector.
just updated it to 3.4 so basically fully function able