Anybody experience with dart - dart2js - cross platform development

my wife is now on /e/
she never managed swiping :slight_smile:
for some people, button are just better.

so now my problem: i would like to make olive also for android and ios, just for fun.

currently i do use typescript to generate js that i consume in qt.
the reason for that was merely to play around with typescript. i had to tell compiler this
“target”: “es3”,
to get a more or less usable js file

now for real cross plattform backend i did some reading and ended up with dart.
it compiles to ios / lilnux / windows and to js when used as webapp

now my problem:
the code generated with dart2js is not really consumeable by qt.

does anybody know a switch that might help ?

are there any other options that i’ve missed ?
i am fine to switch, as long as it is not c++ :slight_smile:

thanks !

From my experience working with dart, you won’t get good, compatible code out of dart. You may have some luck manually exporting some functions, but dart is very much not a language with an intention to integrate with JS or other languages deeply apart from consuming them. JS/TS, Python or C++ are probably your best bet, although I don’t know if python works on other platforms. Rust might work too, but will take quite some effort to integrate with Qt. (Some apps do so though)

i did some more googling doodeling and i might end up here:

i have already used typescript to build the business logic once, so that should work. and with nativescript i should be able to use that then in android too.

The following idea is clearly not what you asked, but I got the graalvm compiler to compile java code for aarch64 devices. It would be possible to build the app with a java library as native java app, compile the lib for sfos and create some gui binding.

You would have only one lib with businesslogic, but in java, not js, also of course no simple way for a unified cross platform gui

I’d love to try this myself but havent found neither a good fitting app idea nor a good way for gui binding yet.