Any replacement plan for Mozilla location service?

An “out of the loop” question:
While community providing solutions fast is AWESOME isn’t there a way for jolla to solve this instead of having to rely on Openrepos packages??


okay, thanks … Could you share your rpm?

Does the MLS Offline Finland contain only the Finland-data or is the separate Åland Islands -data also included?

For those who want to know why it would be relevant, Åland Islands is a demilitarized autonomous region of Finland and it would be nice to have both datasets in one package in case you visit there.

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Åland is now included in my Scandinavia package.

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It is x64 version, you’ll need to apt install libqt5core5a and maybe some other libs
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I think Jolla had a solution but had to stop using it because of a patent troll, which is why they could no longer provide the service.

ok, I got my app to build with qmake/make. Working now, but i’m not sure of the proper syntax with multiple mcc #s, in the source code edit… If I do ‘&& mcc==310-316’, it finds 0 cell towers. If I do ‘&& mcc==310’, it finds 5, ‘&& mcc==311’ finds 600,000… What’s the code to add all from 310-316, or does it merge data if i run it with different mcc? (update - I tested and it doesn’t merge, but overwrites)

Thanks for your help…

What about
‘&& (mcc>=310 && mcc<=316)’


Is that true? As Jolla only sells in Europe, it should be safer as software can’t be patented here.

I wasn’t quite correct it seems: Mozilla had to stop offering the service

For some time we have been offering Mozilla Location Services for our community. As explained on their blog, Mozilla will unfortunately be ending support for this. This is visible in positioning performance for the community releases. While our commercial partners have their own solutions for assisted location providers, we do not have an alternative for our community at this point in time.


Thanks for the blog link. It is quite more sad than I thought, as it seems MLS is basically dead unless for small projects that got the golden approval from Mozilla.

That did it, thanks … I have mlsdbtool for US, and US data based on OpenCellID, if anyone wants…

Did I miss something? Why not using the api from instead of downloading all data in a static database? Is it not possible to make a service therefore?

Thank you!

However, looks like Open Cell ID doesn’t have updated data even though they provide more records for the cell based location. If there are some locations which have the tower information, but the record in Open Cell ID is still set for 2 or 3G, if using the mobile on 4G, then the tower signal is not taking into account by the location provider even if that tower broadcasts 4G.

I don’t know much technically, but I was interested experimenting… The file size is slightly bigger when gzipped, so seems like maybe more towers included, but probably not enough to be a significant difference, and I’m not sure of the other considerations…

I followed this and installed mlsmanager from I was able to get a fix once and was able to use it in an Android app for navigation. After that it does not want to get a fix anymore. To my knowledge GPS has always been an issue with Sailfish/ Jolla.

Though on a same phone model (XA2) using LineageOS, /e/ or Iode I get a fix. And perhaps that is due to Google services, I don’t know, but that device does not have a sim-card in it.

It is a frustrating issue.

It took GPSinfo 131 seconds to get a fix this morning. With /e you get dejavu services, can those be used as a replacement for Mozilla?

I don’t know about dejavu services but have you seen these threads ?:

In the first one, @nekron offers a solution to assist GPS.

Same model doesn’t mean same condition. In the second thread, you could see how to perhaps HW fix the badly working XA2.

Xa2 flashed with Sailfish no GPS fix to obtain. Same Xa2 flashed with an AOSP derivative near instant GPS fix. :thinking:

I followed those threats and that made it so that I was able to get a GPS fix. I have MLS manager installed and the corresponding package for my region. Still over 2 minutes to get a GPS fix with high accuracy settings is a long time. That makes it kind of workable, but not in the instant you need it directly.

2 minutes is very good without online help!
About comparing with android, again, the question is: Does Android come with (better) A-GPS help files? There are not only cell towers but also wifi points…
If you accept to rely on Google, you can use @nekron’s trick. Users reported very fast fixes.