Any lastpass users?

Don’t see a native app for lastpass on openrepos, but in case someone uses it and missed this:

Vaults got stolen, so probably best time to reset all your passwords and migrate to a different service


really love BitSailor | — Community Repository System.
A vary good native implementation made by @Rikudou_Sennin.
The fabulous founding fathers:

Import, export, find out yourself!

How does bitwarden work? Local file or cloud?

This, in my opinion, is the unmatched quality of this product: it can do both! Host it yourself or store it on someone else’s hard drive (which is continuously on, consuming energy, which is also described as data in the air). When it becomes to privacy: this is a must have. Platform independent, browser plugins, command line: you name it.
Easely sync between all your devices!

By the way, I noticed the call for support for a wide audience.
Bitwarden can also be installed via F-Droid. Strange but true: if you search for the programme (app), you won’t find it. Through settings, you can add the library (repository)
After synchronicing repos, you can find the application.

Kind regards.

Well, you can’t find it in F-droid because it is in a different repository (which means it is not curated by the F-droid team). Adding unknown repositories can be a security risk!

I use another local file workflow (because it was available on BB10 back then) enabled client, Enpass. Enpass technically has the database open for access by third parties, as I’ve seen them explaining on their forum how they use sqlcypher. And there are indeed third party OSS commandline utilities that presumably can read that.

But. Enpass itself is not open.

The fact that bitwarden is, even if not available in the curated f-droid repo, is a huge step ahead. Makes me want to consider switching;)

I can only recommend BitWarden, it’s really great and I use it everywhere (that’s why I created BitSailor, the Sailfish client).


Thanks for commitment