Ansible playbook for SailfishOS

Hi folks,
I’ve written a short ansible code to adjust some setting on my Xperia10.

If there is someone interested in it have a look at my repo


Eeehrm nope nope nope no thanks.

Isn’t there a way for Ansible to work securely? E.g. using key-based ssh-auth or something like that?

Anyway, I like your efforts, (even if I’m more of a puppet guy myself :slight_smile: )!

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to explain, ssh to the phone is done via ssh key (with login user nemo), but gaining root access can be done in three ways:

  1. ssh directly to root - not very secure to enable ssh to root account
  2. su - is not present on SailfishOS (devel-su is, but cannot by used by ansible)
  3. sudo - can be installed on the phone

Anyway when you login as nemo user, switching to root is a matter of executing devel-su. I see no, or little difference between executing sudo /bin/sh (or similar done by ansible) to gain root access or devel-su. Either way you need to enter password to authenticate.

why? you need a sudoer to operate…

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  1. create a devel-su become plugin for ansible. This would be the most legal method according to the ansible logic and would be most transparent for the ansible developer/end user.