Annoying confirmation about which WIFI network to use

REPRODUCIBILITY (% or how often): 100%
BUILD ID = OS VERSION (Settings > About product): (and probably every version since 3.x)
HARDWARE (XA2, X10, X10 II, …): X
REGRESSION: (compared to previous public release: Yes, No, ?):


When turning wifi on, the system displays a list of all the wifi networks the phone has been connected with. I can either select the one I want to connect to, or wait few seconds for EDIT; swipe the dialog up to close it.

This is extremely annoying, as the phone should silently connect to the “best” available wifi by itself. Most likely to the one it was last connected to if that one is available. Now when turning on wifi the whole procedure makes me either press a list item or wait which interrupts whatever I was actually doing.

Although the reason I even turn wifi off is the really buggy network handout functionality. If I leave the wifi area → no wifi, the the phone randomly kills the cellular data connectivity and I have neither wifi or cellular. Therefore I turn wifi off before leaving home, select which internet to use (why can’t it just connect to cellular by itself?), when come back home, turn wifi on, select which wifi AP to use (why not select the last one automatically)


wifi turned off from the settings/pulldown menu


  1. have wifi turned off
  2. turn wifi on


last wifi AP is used without extra confirmation or delay


list of available WIFI AP’s is displayed at least for few seconds


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Yes, confirm on another X, annoying.

Do you also experience that after a reboot no WiFi connections is made?
I have to deactivate and reactivate WiFi.
And get the list. And after waiting another time normally my home network gets selected…

I disagree: Even you are undecided (in your text), if it should be the “last connected” WiFi-network or the one with the “best reception”.
SailfishOS does auto-connect after a while to one of the available, known WiFi-networks, but displaying this dialogue makes sense in order to be able to pick “the right one” (instead of being auto-connected to an arbitrary one, which often will be “the wrong one” from the user’s perspective).

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I need to agree to olf :wink:

On manually activating WiFi this makes sense.
But it was somewhere silently introduced with SFOS4?
As on my 3.2 device it just connects!

And it may be the cause that after boot no WiFi connection is made ? (maybe different bug, report)

If I understand you correctly I observed this the first time in October 2017 on Xperia X here
Not sure if you mean this.
But now with SFOS EA it is gone.

Ah, sorry, now I begin to comprehend (I have not installed SFOS 4.2.0, yet).

But now with SFOS EA it is gone.

a. So only the “Connect to the internet” shortcut still lets one choose the WLAN to Log in to (isn’t that the status quo for a while)?
b. Or is SFOS 4.2.0 back at the pre-SFOS 1.x.y (pre-SFOS2) behaviour?

Today at work it appeared again that I should choose from a list of available Wifi. But here I have stored two different wifi, so displaying this dialogue is senseful as you already have discribed above.

I pretty much always get the pop-up, even when the WiFi network I want to connect to is the only one in a 10km radius. It is indeed very annoying. Strangely, this has worked differently for all Sailfish devices I’ve used: on the Jolla 1, I almost never got the pop-up. On the Jolla Tablet, I always got the pop-up. On the Jolla C, it was about 50-50. On the Xperia X, I get it about 30% of the time. On the Xperia 10 II, I almost always get it. All of these devices are or were always running on the latest update, and they even exhibited these strange differences when they were literally laying right next to each other.


Why would I choose any other than the best wifi AP? If for some reason I want to choose another, I can long press the WIFI button and select another AP then. Now it takes 5-10s extra time every single time I turn wifi on, when I could have chosen another AP maybe once and save 5 seconds then by it displaying the list.

So it should automatically choose the last one used if it’s good enough to connect to.

In comparison I never have to choose a wifi AP on my android phone. Partly because I don’t have to turn it off as often (see the network handout issue) but also as it selects one or the other available AP automatically without me telling it which one.

This is very annoying regression in my opinion.

Because it often is the wrong one.
I have three WiFi-Networks running, a private one, one for guests (I could discard that one) and a public one (which is also available elsewhere). Depending on my position any of these can be the “best” network, but if my private one is available (i.e., at home), I want to log in there. If not, I want to log in to the public one.

According to @nthn this has not regressed, but is extant behaviour.

By best I mean a combination of known, previously connected to and most likely the last one connected to.

What I don’t want to is the “best” one selected in a list, and either have to press that one or wait x amount of time for the menu to disappear.

It is a regression as it did not use to display the list of AP’s before. it either started with 4.x or 3.x afaik.

I have no idea how someone would prefer this way of forcing to look at a list with pre-selected correct AP and force the user to confirm to use that same AP or wait for the OS to close the list.

This sometimes happens for me, but a lot of the time it doesn’t - and probably sometimes i don’t notice it.

But what i do know, is that i can dismiss the dialog, and still get connected as expected. So no need to wait for it.

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Yep, the unnecessary dismissal is the point. I have to do it every single time I enable wifi.